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Jane DO is a fitness brand crafted by former Radio City Rockettes Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo. Knowing firsthand that it takes a comprehensive cross training regime to be the most powerful version of yourself, they developed a workout that offers variety and caters to every woman. Jane DO has women reaching new levels of strength and confidence in the studio so they can take it outside the studio and DO incredible things.

Jane DO delivers musically charged, energy driven, cross training workouts designed for women by women. Five unique classes fuse aerobics, strength training, and flexibility to provide the variety women need to DO it all. All classes are 50 minute, total body workouts designed to LIFT your A$$ and your SPIRIT.

Fed up with fitness stereotypes that revolve around perfection, Jane DO is redefining the word healthy. Jane DO believes in something bigger where women measure success by confidence, not inches or pounds. Jane DO is on a quest to create the largest community of the world’s most powerful women.

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    Musically charged, energy driven total body workouts designed by women for women.

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    We're dishin' out the fuel you need to get through your day. Join us as we share our favorite recipes from the comfort of our own kitchens. We're serving up options for every meal of the day.

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  • 5 Week Challenge

    5 seasons

    Strategically designed with every woman in mind to jump start your way to a stronger and more confident you. Our 5 week challenge will not only challenge your body, but also your definition of success. We measure success in how you feel, rather than pounds or inches lost, because confidence is a ...