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Jane Says

We’re breaking down the barriers of taboo topics and sharing our experiences, thoughts and insights through honest conversations with the badass women we admire the most.

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Jane Says
  • Jane Says: Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

    In this episode of Jane Says, we tackle the topic of finance. It takes more than just physical confidence to be the strongest version of yourself. We talk to the experts from The Financial Gym about all things money and how to gain the financial confidence you need to be the strongest most power...

  • DOin' It With Confidence

    No topic is too taboo for Jane, so it's time to talk 'DOin' It With Confidence'. We get down and dirty about DOin' the deed with sex educator, kink coach, and dula in training Miss Cory B. one and only Miss Cory B.

  • MIND your Business

    At Jane, we know that being mentally healthy is just as important as building up your biceps, so in this episode of Jane Says, we are tackling anxiety, fear, and stress with our good friend Alsion Trenk, MA. LCSW.

  • Heavily Meditated

    On this episode of Jane Says, we are talkin' Heavily Meditated with Leah Crescenzo, who helps women feel balanced and regain control of their lives with the transformative power of the mind.

  • Everybody Pees Their Capris

    On this episode of Jane Says, we sit down with fellow Rockette Rockstar, holistic health coach, pre and post natal specialist, and doula, Amanda Schoppe. We talk all things pelvic floor, leakage, what exactly the kegel is good for!