Lower Body

Lower Body

Or largest muscles in our entire body are in our lower half, which makes getting them as strong as possible a must. Whether your goal is to gain a little stability in those high heels, or to round out your favorite little black dress, these workouts have your legs and booty in mind. Find the one for you, and get to gettin'.

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Lower Body
  • Pump Your Bump

    This lower body series with our boss babe Dani D is all you need to get a little pump in your bump and burn in your buns. 15 minutes is all you need to work your entire lower body.

  • Burn Baby Burn

    Get your booty burning and your hamstrings humming in our lower body workout with Jacey and Dani. This workout is designed to work your glutes from every angle, so that when all is said and done, you could bounce a quarter off your backside. All you need is one heavy weight (optional).

  • Jacey's Lower Body Burn

    Join Jacey is this lower body centric workout, where she will work your inner and outer thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and quads, leaving no muscule group in your lower body untouched! You will also get a bonus core workout with each move.