Under 15 Min

Under 15 Min

If you have enough time to hop in the shower, you have enough time to DO one of our workouts in 15 minutes or less. These workouts prove that with the right mix of targeted exercises, you don't need to spend all day in the gym!

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Under 15 Min
  • Strong is Sexy

    Get strong and sexy with our power houses Dana and Danielle G with this upper body band workout. Tackle it all from your your back to the biceps with only a loop band and your badass self in just 15 minuets.

  • Crunchless Core

    No need to grab a mat, because this under 15 minute core series is totally crunchless! No sit ups, no crunches, no straining your neck! Join Cristin and her crew as she whips your abs into shape with moves you never knew could hurt so good!

  • Jacey's Lower Body Burn

    Join Jacey is this lower body centric workout, where she will work your inner and outer thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and quads, leaving no muscule group in your lower body untouched! You will also get a bonus core workout with each move.

  • Quick to Burn

    Our abdominals are quick to burn but quick to recover, so keep going!! Dana will lead you through this quick and effective core workout.

  • Arm Candy

    Everyone can agree that Dana is the definition of arm candy, cause her muscles are SWEET! So grab a set of light or medium weights and start lifting your way to a stronger and more confident upper body!

  • Band Ab Burner

    Join Dani G for this banded ab burner. Just give her 15 minutes and she will make your entire core sore. All you need is a band and a mat and a badass attitude.

  • Rock Hard in 10

    Join Jacey for this rock hard ab workout that will only take you 10 mins, but will leave you feeling the burn!

  • Crazy Core

    Join badass Maria in this short, effective, and totally core- centric 15 in workout! No equipment is needed, but your sexy self!

  • All The Booty

    Get to know Mel and work right away with this 10 minute booty booty booty burn. No equipment is necessary to feel the fire!

  • Stuck in the Middle

    Get into it with Mel G for this core and ab workout. 10 minutes is all you need to get stronger and build your core from the inside out!

  • Power Arms

    Grab a set of heavy weights and get your quickie power arms on! Don't be afraid to go as heavy as you can for this short, sweet, and to the powerful point workout!

  • Fast and Furious

    Mel G is going to work your entire body with this fast and furious Tramp Stamp class. 15 minutes is all you need to jump your way to a healthier (and sweatier) you!

  • Hit It and Quit It