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Watch this video and more on Jane DO

Watch this video and more on Jane DO

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  • Tramp Stamp Time

    It’s always Tramp Stamp time somewhere! Grab a set of medium weights to bounce with Dana. Bounce yourself into shape with our TRAMPOLINE class. This low impact workout will firm and tone your entire body as you increase energy, circulation and vitality.

  • Fast and Full Body

    Work your entire body with this fast and furious Train Jane class with Dan G. This TOTAL BODY WORKOUT couples high intensity interval training (HIIT) with steady state cardio to foster the most powerful version of yourself. Be a bada$$ with a great a$$!

  • Don’t Trip just Dance

    Don’t trip like Crizzle, just dance! You need some light weights and a mat for this DYAO. Dance you’re a** off, literally! Our DANCE CARDIO class rotates high and low impact sport and dance routines fused with strength training increments. Lose yourself to dance as you burn calories, increase you...